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1.9.6 - Wed Apr 18, 2012

Bug Fixes:

  • Issue #89 - Secondary controllers display under other controllers
  • Issue #90 - Logging to file doesn’t expand ‘~’
  • Issue #91 - Logging to file doesn’t create basedir

Feature Enhancements:

  • Issue #88 - Add cement2.ext.genshi extension, provides Genshi Text Templating Launguage support.
  • Issue #93 - Add epilog support for CementBaseController.


Incompatible Changes:

  • Issue #96 - Move ‘setup()’ functions to ‘_setup()’
  • Moved CementBaseController.dispatch() to _dispatch()
  • Moved CementBaseController.usage_text to _usage_text()
  • Moved CementBaseController.help_text to _help_text()
  • backend.defaults() no longer accepts an app name as an argument.
  • foundation.lay_cement() is deprecated. Use foundation.CementApp() directly.
  • No longer pass anything but ‘app’ object to handlers _setup() functions.
  • handler.enabled() is deprecated. Use handler.registered().

1.9.4 - Wed Dec 21, 2011

Bug Fixes:

  • Issue #73 - Hooks broken in Python 3
  • Issue #81 - Controller defaults should be processed before base controller.setup()

Feature Enhancements:

  • Issue #65 - Added ‘daemon’ extension. Process is daemonized by passing the ‘–daemon’ option. Handles switching the run user/group, as well as managing a pid file.
  • Issue #72 - Added new framework hooks.
  • Issue #76 - Added app.close() functionality including a cement_on_close_hook() allowing plugins/extensions/etc to be able to cleanup on application exit.
  • Issue #77 - Added default signal handler for SIGINT/SIGTERM as well as the cement_signal_hook which is called when any catch_signals are encountered.
  • Issue #78 - Added cement_pre_render_hook, and cement_post_render_hook allowing developers to control the data that is rendered to console.
  • Issue #84 - Ability to run all tests from utils/

Incompatible Changes:

  • Issue #72 - The framework hooks ‘cement_add_args_hook’ and ‘cement_validate_config’ were removed in favor of the new pre/post setup and run hooks.
  • Issue #82 - Change ‘meta’ classes to Python-proper ‘Meta’, and interfaces to use ‘IMeta’. Old functionality will be completely removed before Cement2 stable release.

1.9.2 - Wed Nov 02, 2011

This is an initial beta release of Cement2, and therefore no bugs or features are listed. Future releases will detail all changes.

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